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Structural State Assessment for Mobile Units

Structural state assessment will be performed by finite-element-method, based on the latest measurement data. The assessment includes overall performance analysis, overall strength analysis, motion performance analysis, stability analysis, ultimate strength analysis, air gap analysis, local strength analysis in important areas (such as leg wells, spudcans, cantilever beams, drilling platforms, equipment foundations, etc.). The purpose of this service is to reduce the operational risks of the unit. This service mainly cover structural safety assessment, dock repair support, feasibility analysis of renovation, feasibility demonstration of functional alteration, etc. with the assessment conclusions, the weak and dangerous areas of the unit can be revealed, which is helpful for quickly forming a risk-based inspection and testing plan, providing technical support for the structural repair method, plate replacement statistics, key areas of concerning, etc., and providing a basis for the feasibility of unit upgrade, renovation and functional changes.

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