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Social Responsibility

"Bear weight on our shoulders, and forge ahead, rain or shine." The historical background when China Classification Society (CCS) was born determines the historical mission it shoulders. CCS always has profound understanding to the fundamental requirements of China for developing the shipping and shipbuilding industries, safeguarding national maritime rights and interests, and ensuring national water transport safety. Therefore, we adhere to the policy of independence and self-reliance, make all-out effort to provide advanced, safe, green and applicable standards for the industry, and apply new technology and new standards to promote the upgrading, transformation and enhancement of competitiveness of our shipping, shipbuilding and supporting industries. Meanwhile, the leapfrog development of China's shipping, shipbuilding and related industries excites us to harden our will and hone our skills, and we will forge ahead hand in hand and shoulder by shoulder with industry partners to create a more brilliant future. The global publication of the first edition of CCS's Specifications for Green Ships and Specifications for Intelligent Ships has strongly promoted the emission reduction campaign and the development of intelligent technology in shipping industry, and further solidified the foundation for us to fulfill our sacred mission. In May 2016, CCS’s Structural Specifications for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers passed IMO review, which will further enhance our ability to serve the industry and accelerate the implementation and continuous improvement of China national standards (GBs).


In the new century, maritime security and ocean environment have attracted increasing concern of the international community. As a responsible classification society, we adhere to the CCS Mission of "Safety, Environmental protection and Creating value for clients and society.", continuously build our technical capacity, and accumulate strength to provide technical support for shipping safety, energy saving and emission reduction. With the improvement of our service and our service system, the scale of CCS classed fleet is booming, as a significant number of super-large, high-tech and high value-added ships have joined the fleet and thus enhanced its overall internationalization and modernization. The scale of CCS classed fleet has exceeded 100 million gross tons and will soon be among the "club" of 100 million tons classification societies.


The sharpness of the sword relies on constant honing. It is only after more than 60 years of heroic development that CCS has become a key player in the international maritime arena. So far, CCS has been elected as IACS chairman for three terms, gracefully demonstrating to and convincing the international maritime community of the wisdom and style of the great eastern country. Standing on the new historical starting point, CCS is on course to write even more glorious chapters of the new era with the fighting spirit of here and now and the heroic passion to forge ahead!