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Scientific Research on Rules

The China Classification Society (CCS) is the only professional organization engaged in the ship classification survey business in China and a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). CCS formulates classification rules for ships and offshore installations and is entrusted by China MSA to prepare technical regulations for ships and offshore installations. CCS has scientific research information institutions such as the Rules and Technology Center (CCS Shanghai Rules & Research Institute), CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, Offshore Engineering Technology Center, Technology Research and Development Center, Science and Technology Innovation Test Center, and Information Center.

Since its establishment, CCS has gradually formed a system of rules and regulations for sea-going vessels (including ocean-going fishing vessels), inland vessels, offshore mobile drilling vessels, fixed platforms, and container ships through the study of international advanced technical standards and the accumulation of experience in the process of plan approval and survey. The system of rules and guidelines for ships covers high-tech ship types such as very large crude carriers (VLCC), very large container ships, very large ore carriers, membrane liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, and large vehicle carriers, supporting the development of the shipbuilding industry in China, and promoting the safety of water transport.

CCS concentrates its efforts on the research of key technologies for large and high-tech ship types and for offshore engineering, green smart technologies, and new energy application technologies, and has issued standards such as the Rules for Green Eco-ships, Rules for Intelligent Ships, and Rules for Cruise Ships.

The rules for the structure of bulk carriers and oil tankers have passed the International Goal-based Ship Construction Standards for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (IMO GBS) audit without defects, and the audit results are the best among the members of the International Association of Classification Societies. Fruitful results have been achieved in the research of key technologies such as intelligent ships/unmanned ships, application of LNG power on water, very large container ships, very large ore ships, LNG carriers, mobile platforms and floating units, reaching the international leading or advanced level. A large number of very large, high-performance, high-value-added ships and offshore mobile platforms have joined CCS. The system of CCS rules and standards and the technical service capabilities are widely accepted by international and domestic industries.

CCS continues to increase its influence in the international maritime community, providing strong technical support for the Chinese government to participate in international maritime affairs, safeguard national maritime rights and interests, and support the development of related industries.

CCS actively participates in the formulation of international maritime technical standards and submits more than half of the Chinese proposals to the International Maritime Organization on an annual average basis. CCS has played an important role in the formulation of international maritime technical standards including the Ballast Water Management Convention, Hong Kong Convention, Common Structural Rules for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers, Energy Efficiency Design Index for new ships, Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships, Polar Code, IGF Code, and asbestos-free thresholds, safeguarding the interests of the country and related industries, and making great contributions to the development of international maritime technology.

In the future, CCS will continue to improve its capabilities in scientific and technological innovation and leading development, to comprehensively form a scientific and technological work system with the ability for strong independent innovation, high-level rules and standards, and scientific evaluation and experiment, and fulfil the mission of “safety, environmental protection, and creating value for clients and the society”.


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