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 COMPASS-STRUCTURE-CSR-SDP (for OT): Structural design program for oil tankers (SDP_OT) is developed by CCS in accordance with the latest version of Common Structural Rules for Oil Tankers (CSR OT). The program is mainly used for structural design and check for the full length of the classed double hull oil tankers at length of 150 m and over carrying oil in bulk. The software’s interface and operation styles feature the typical design of CCS’large structural assessment software (SDP), which is characterized by multiple functions and flexible operation. As one of the newest software developed by CCS, SDP_BC relieves users of the tedious calculation for CSR and provides an advanced approach to the design and check of oil tankers.

Feature and functions:

1 Representing the latest requirements of CSR OT;

2 Providing calculation for all main structures, including cargo tank

region, bow, stern, machinery space and superstructures;

3 Easy to learn and use;

4 Performing accurate and reliable calculation;

5 Outputting calculation results in a flexible way;

6 Updating with latest CSR.