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 COMPASS-STRUCTURE-CSR-DSA: Direct structural analysis (DSA) is developed in accordance with IACS Common Structural Rules for bulk carriers and oil tankers and on the basis of MSC.Patran. Due to complicated nature of CSR, traditional manual calculation approach spends great amount of time on load determination, corrosion deduction and result processing. Moreover, direct calculation is greatly increased in CSR due to the addition of more conditions and the introduction of fine mesh and very fine mesh analysis. DSA uses Patran’s PCL language and presents flexible assessment approaches, and hence greatly reduces calculation period in finite element modeling and increases analysis efficiency, to enable engineers to complete FE analysis quickly and accurately.

Feature and functions:

1 Having a diversified rich marine profile database;

2 Capable of automatic loading according to the requirements of CSR, and hence avoiding the tedious manual loading process;

3 Capable of automatic boundary constraining;

4 Capable of corrosion deduction;

5 Providing powerful postprocessor approaches including buckling assessment, automatic mesh refining and fatigue calculation, etc;

6 Easy to learn and use;

7 Performing accurate and reliable calculation;

8 Updating with latest CSR.