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1. Introduction

COMPASS HCSR software , developed by CCS, is based on IACS CSR BC & OT(Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers),which evaluates prescriptive requirement and direct strength analysis of hull structure.

It is constituted by two modules, one is prescriptive requirement check - structure design program (SDP), and the other is direct strength analysis (DSA).COMPASS HCSR software  has the independent intellectual property rights owned by CCS, and is updated with IACS HCSR progress. The software will provide strong support to the application of HCSR in China ship industry.




Bulk Carrier                                       Tanker


2.HCSR SDP——Prescriptive rule check


1 complete coverage of CSR BC & OT prescriptive requirements: calculation covering the whole ship. Checking hull girder yielding, ultimate and residual strength, scantling requirement, buckling strength, fatigue strength, bow impact, bottom slamming, tank sloshing, bulk carrier grab, steel coil and other special requirements.


Calculation covering the whole ship

hull girder yielding, ultimate and residual strength, scantling requirements, buckling strength, fatigue strength

Compartment definition


bow impact                          bottom slamming


Sloshing requirement



BC GRAB requirement                      BC Steel Coil requirement


2 fast and accurate: fast calculation speed, and accurate results ensured by comprehensive tests.

3 easy modeling: parametric modeling is easy and quick. Transverse section and bulkhead can be copied. With import and export of important data, data reusability is enhanced.

Parametric modeling

Transverse section and bulkhead duplication 



Data import and export


4 Results easy to view: To meet the needs of different users, providing multi forms of results display including formal and detail reports, fringe display, detailed results interface.    



The formal output report              fringe display of the results


Detailed results interface                             Detailed results output

5 safe and reliable data management: based on the Microsoft Access database.

3.HCSR-DSA – Direct Strength Analysis


1 Complete coverage of CSR BC & OT Direct Strength Analysis requirements, Including yielding, buckling and fatigue assessment of the entire cargo area.      


 The entire cargo area 

Three cargo hold FE model                    Foremost cargo hold 

Aftmost cargo hold


2 The accurate and trusty analysis results.

3 Based on MSC.Patran.

4 Loads and loading conditions are applied automatically according to CSR BC & OT requirements.

5 More easy and flexible loads define mode.



Compartment definition



Loading Pattern                       Load case definition  


Frame definition                          Hull girder loads adjustment

Hull girder shear force adjustment

Hull girder bending moment adjustment

6.Automatic boundary constraints

7.Automatic corrosion deduction


8.Post-processing tools: yielding, buckling and fatigue assessment, automatic fine mesh.

Yielding assessment

Yielding assessment

 Fatigue assessment

Automatic fine mesh


IACS CSR BC & OT, based on CSR BC(Common structure rules for bulk carriers) and CSR OT(Common structure rules for oil tanks), is a new version of common structure rules for BC and OT that is developed to meet the IMO GBS requirements. Compared with CSR, CSR BC & OT focuses on the computational analysis and is more comprehensive and reasonable. In this situation, ship design, research, plan approval and inspection will be more dependent on CSR BC & OT software.

The COMPASS-HCSR software is developed by China Classification Society and has independent intellectual property rights, which completely fulfills the IACS CSR BC & OT rules requirements. It is designed in accordance with the industry tradition which achieves high level in practicability, usability, flexibility, and efficiency. The analysis results are accurate and reliable. With the application of IACS CSR BC & OT, COMPASS HCSR software will strongly support and be wildly used in the ship design,ship development, plan approval and inspection.