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Mooring system analysis and assessment for offshore units

The mooring system analysis is to be performed to predict the hull hydrodynamic performance and mooring line tensions based on the three-dimensional diffraction/radiation potential theory by using professional hydrodynamic analysis software. The mooring system is subjected to steady forces of wind, current and mean wave drift force, as well as wind and wave-induced dynamic forces. Calculations of the maximum mooring system loading are to consider the relative wind, wave and current forces. The responses are then checked against allowable values so that the system has adequate strength. The mooring system analysis service can realize the accurate prediction of environmental loads such as wind, wave and current as well as the corresponding motion response and mooring system strength. This service can provide efficient and reliable technical support and feasibility suggestions for owners, operators or designers in the following aspects: emergency response for mooring system, safety operation, ultimate capacity of mooring system, verification of design environmental conditions, and optimization of mooring system layout.