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COMPASS-CSR, common structural rules computation software of China Classification Society

The software is specially designed for ship structure analysis in accordance with the International Association of Classification Societies’ (IACS) Common Structural Rules (CSR), including descriptive computation and direct finite element calculations and analysis, and it is updated in line with the IACS CSR BC & OT specifications, which will provide strong support for the application of CSR BC & OT specifications in the Chinese shipbuilding industry.

The CSR calculation software is suitable for CSR vessels with shipbuilding contracts dated from April 1, 2006 to June 30, 2015, and it includes modules such as Structure Design Program for Bulk Carriers (SDP-BC), Structure Design Program for Oil Tankers (SDP-OT), and direct strength analysis (DSA).

COMPASS-HCSR computation software is suitable for CSR ships with construction contracts on or after July 1, 2015, and it includes two modules: the structure design program (SDP) module for descriptive specification verification and the direct strength analysis (DSA) module.

Method to obtain the software:

1. Download and print the Computing Software License Agreement;

2. Fill in the name and legal person of your organization and affix your seal in the signature area indicated for "Party B" in the Agreement.

3. Fill in the form in the attachment according to your needs, leaving the "Registration Code" column blank;

4. Fax the completed Agreement to 0086-10-58112869, and you will receive a registration code once the Agreement is approved.