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Ship Intelligent Technology and Safety Laboratory

Facing the application needs of intelligent ships and related technologies, and focusing on the basic theory, key technologies, core equipment, testing and verification of intelligent ships, etc., the Ship Intelligent Technology and Safety Laboratory has conducted research on the integration and application of artificial intelligence. The laboratory is also researching the use of the Internet of Things, big data, digital twins and other technologies and the upgrading of ship equipment. Furthermore, the research supports the construction of technical and standard systems such as intelligent ship safety operation, testing and verification, risk disposal, etc., so as to ensure the safety of intelligent ships and promotes the improvement of intelligence levels. The laboratory has been recognized by the Ministry of Transport as the main component laboratory of the "Key Technologies of Unmanned Ship Systems and Equipment" project.

Research and service directions include:

Research on basic theory and application theory of ship intelligent technology. Oriented to the safety of intelligent ships, and focusing on relevant basic theories, key technologies, conventions, regulations and standards, etc., provide guidance for the application of intelligent technology on ships.

Safety assessment and risk control of intelligent ships and systems. In order to ensure intelligent ships reach the same or a better level of safety, security and environmental protection as/than required by the existing international maritime conventions, our laboratory provides risk identification and assessment services for intelligent ships and systems to help control and eliminate the safety risks associated with new technology.

Test and verification of intelligent ships and systems. The laboratory is equipped with the testing platform and environment of intelligent ship systems, and improves the safety and reliability of system design, development and operation through innovative testing modes such as virtual-real fusion.




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