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Compass-Rules, specifications calculation system for ocean-going vessels

Compass-Rules, as an important subsystem of the Compass engineering calculation software system of CCS, is widely used in the fields of ship drawing review, norms and standards research, aided design, as well as specification computation and drawing review computation for shipping safety assessment. The software consists of 30 computation modules in four specialties, which are ship structure, performance, turbine and electrical power. According to the requirements of applicable codes and regulations, it is capable of computing the total strength and local strength of the hull structure, large opening deck strength, integrity stability, damage stability and grain stability, allowable gravity center height, freeboard, loading, oil spill, tonnage, crankshaft strength, gear strength, longitudinal vibration, backlash, torsional vibration, alignment, onshore and on-board short-circuit current, as well as the computation of longitudinal bone fatigue strength of oil tankers, container ships and bulk carriers with the simplified stress analysis method. After years of use by our in-house professionals as well as external design institutions, its practicality, operability, computation accuracy and authoritativeness have been unequivocally affirmed by the industry.

Compass-Rules computation system for ocean-going vessels is applicable for computation and verification of specifications in ship stability, hull structure, turbine and electrical specialties, and it consists of 30 calculation modules:


Technical support: Hu Tao, phone: 0086-21-61089555, email:

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Software version and download link: VER. 2020 (2020-7-1)