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Occupational health, safety and environment policy of China Classification Society

The Policy is to produce a positive effect on the maritime community and to continuously raise the occupational health and safety management levels. This includes the improvement of pollution prevention and environmental protection capabilities, to continuously improve the occupational health, safety and environmental management systems, and to enhance management performance.

CCS complies with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements related to occupational health, safety and environment, commits itself to managing the occupational health and safety risks and environmental factors faced by CCS and its staff, and formulates measures to control risks and important environmental factors. CCS will also establish a mechanism to ensure staff consultation and participation, arrange training and create safe and healthy working conditions for our staff to prevent work-related injuries and health issues, provide personal equipment and devices.

In addition, staff will have enough service time to ensure the safety of on-site services, and we encourage our clients to implement and meet the requirements of the occupational health, safety and environmental measures to ensure that on-site services are offered by our staff after they confirm that the safety measures are guaranteed.


Occupational health, safety and environment management objectives of the China Classification Society

ü  No serious injuries or other more serious accidents occur when staff are providing on-site services;

ü  No fire or food poisoning accidents in the office space;

ü  No traffic casualty accidents on business caused by staff carrying out their responsibilities;

ü  No events that will contravene regulations within the office space that can be punished by government environmental authorities;

ü  No complaints about service quality that affect our reputation;

ü  No serious safety and quality problems that affect the validity of our management system certificate, membership of IACS and QACE, status of the classification society recognized by the European Union, legal authorization of flag states and punishment by the European Union appear when we are accepting various external audits.


Occupational health and safety management system of China Classification Society

Since 2013, CCS has established and operated an occupational health and safety management system, which passed SGS auditing and certification and obtained the ISO 45001:2018 certificate.