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Condition Assessment Program (CAP) for Existing Ships

Condition Assessment Program (CAP) is a value-added technical service provided by the China Classification Society to assess the condition of existing ships and provide value-added services to applicants. It is an independent and complete assessment of the actual condition of the ship based on detailed inspections, thickness measurements, strength calculations and performance tests, etc.

CAP is applicable to oil tankers, bulk carriers, LPG carriers and chemical tankers of 15 years and above, and can also be used as reference for other ages/types of ships.

Its purpose is to provide the applicant with a technical document and declaration of the actual condition of the ship in relation to structural strength, mechanical equipment and maintenance during the operational life of the ship, which can be used by the supplier and/or interested parties for new charters or expiry renewals.

CAP can also provide a reasonable technical basis for the following activities:

1) Repairs and maintenance to extend the service life of the ship.

2) Sale and purchase of the ship.

To apply for CCS CAP services, the applicant (e.g., shipowner, manager or bareboat charterer) should fill in and submit a written ticket for CAP services.

The applicant shall submit the application to CCS at least 2 months before the start of the CAP inspection. The applicant shall prepare for the inspection by providing the necessary working conditions and appropriate facilities and make sure that the captain is aware that a CAP inspection will be carried out. At least one member of the ship's crew shall accompany the CAP inspector at all times during the inspection.



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