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New Survey Technology and Equipment Laboratory

The new Survey Technology and Equipment Laboratory is based on the strategy of "strengthening the country by transportation" and "building a world-class China Classification Society". It aims to promote strategic, cutting-edge and forward-looking research on the application of ship inspection technology and equipment, the deep integration of new technology and equipment with traditional ship inspection modes, as well as the upgrade of research and development applications of inspection technology.

The laboratory is committed to the application research and popularization of new technologies and equipment in the field of ship inspection, the research of equivalent substitution evaluation methods and verification standards, and verification capacity building. Focusing on developing innovation in the application of artificial intelligence, digital twins, big data, the Internet of Things, risk assessment, virtual reality, blockchain and other technologies in the field of marine inspections. This lab provides technical support for new types of marine inspection methods, such as remote inspection and visual inspection based on remote collaboration, online monitoring, data analysis, condition assessment, intelligent diagnosis and risk analysis techniques; it also carries out adaptive development, test verification and application promotion of new inspection equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, smart wearable devices, online monitoring equipment and portable measuring equipment in the field of ship inspection.




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