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Testing Facility

NDT Services

In 2011, we continued to develop our NDT capability. We successfully developed the testing technologies of PAUT and TPFD to substitute for the traditional radiographic inspection method and thus cut down the testing time on site and improved production efficiency. In order to satisfy the need in craftsmanship and site inspection, we developed specialized scanning devices to ensure the implementation of new testing technology. In this way, the precision has been increased and the manual operation reduced. Several of our scanning devices are the first of its kind in China and has reached the world advanced level.

We promoted the application of new NDT technology in ship welding. By adopting the world leading technologies like PAUT and TOFD, we launched NDT supervision and spot check campaigns on structure welding quality of newbuildings to improve the shipyard's welding quality.

Far East Fire Testing Lab

In accordance with the requirements of IMO FTP Code, Far East Fire Testing Lab is able to provide an array of testing services including non-combustibility test for ship structure materials,fire resistance test for ship structure division, first-resisting door control device, surface flammability test for finish materials,primary deck combustibility test, high-speed ship fire retarding division incombustibility and so on. In addition, Far East Fire Testing Lab, by means of outsourcing and cooperating with other non-marine fire testing labs in China, has started to be able to carry out testing on smoke density and toxicity of burning ship materials.

By closely following up new BS and EN standards, we have been actively developing new testing services and provided quality service for our customers in countries and regions like the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We have also explored a new testing service for fireproofing materials used on warships.

Far East Lubricating Oil Testing Center

Far East Lubricating Oil Testing Centeris equipped with advanced and sufficient appliances and installations and has mastered mature means of applying lube oil analysis technique into monitoring equipment condition. It has developed nearly one hundred criteria/threshold values and monitors about one hundred ships (propeller shaft condition) at maximum. This research has been started since long and lies at a leading level.

Coating Lab

Shanghai Coating Lab is the first ballast tank coating testing lab in China that conforms to relevant IMO requirements. The result of PSPC ballast tank coating test and heavy anti-corrosion coating test delivered by the Lab is recognized by 8 classification societies. In 2011, we developed and launched PSPC crude oil tank coating test service and obtained metering certificate issued by Shanghai Bureau of Metrology. Shanghai Coating Lab, with its high-tech and quality service, has become the leader in China in the domain of PSPC test.

Wuhan Quality Inspection & Testing Center

Founded in 1987 and being a research institution under CCS, Wuhan Quality Inspection & Testing Center for Marine Life-saving Appliances (hereinafter referred to as the Center) mainly engages in testing and science researches, as well as development of rules and regulation for marine life-saving appliances, participates in the tracking and research of the relevant rules and resolutions of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the establishment of national standards, and is the designated testing agency for country life-saving appliance production licenses. As a third party notary testing organization, the Center conducts testing with regard to marine life-saving appliances and marine fire-fighter’s outfits etc. in accordance with the requirements of IMO, International Standard Organization (ISO), European standards (EN), British standards (BS) and Chinese national standards (GB) and provides internationally recognized test reports to customers at home and abroad and proofs of technology to the principals for obtaining their product approval from the competent authorities.