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In recent years, with the development of offshore resource development business, the application of offshore installations keeps expanding from traditional offshore oil and gas development and processing to emerging offshore construction, offshore wind power, fish farming and tourism, and the number of offshore installations is also increasing. Due to the harsh marine environmental conditions and difficult operations of offshore installations, it is difficult to avoid various safety accidents or emergencies. If not handled properly, this will bring huge economic losses and even threaten the safety of life at sea and the marine ecological environment.

The China Classification Society (CCS) established a finite element model of the platform structure based on the special structure design mode and equipment form of the mobile platform, providing its clients with services throughout the full life cycle of the mobile platform, thereby ensuring the safety of the mobile platform.

In order to provide more efficient and convenient services, CCS has developed a full life cycle management system (MSER) for offshore mobile platforms based on a structural model database. The system is a large-scale management information system based on the structural model database, which provides services for well location operation capability analysis, emergency response, and on-site survey of mobile platforms to ensure the structural safety of offshore mobile platforms. Based on the established finite element model database, combined with the original design drawing data and dynamic data input (such as transformation, thickness measurement, etc.) in the life cycle, finite element calculation and theoretical analysis are used to give a structural safety evaluation conclusion, providing guidance for on-site survey of inspection agencies and the daily maintenance of the platform, and providing technical support for the ship owner to make a rapid decision when the platform changes the operating environmental conditions and requires the analysis of well location operation capability and when an accident occurs and requires emergency response:

1. Service function

1) Evaluation of continuous structure technical condition throughout the life cycle

Realize the structural safety analysis, tracking, monitoring and management throughout the life cycle of the mobile platform from design, construction, survey, transformation to daily operation.

2) Analysis of well location operation capability

Able to analyze and judge the well location operation capability of the mobile platform as to whether it can adapt to the new environmental conditions, and help the platform manager make quick decisions.

3) Emergency response support

Able to quickly evaluate the structural safety of the mobile platform in response to emergencies (such as leg puncture, platform towing collision, etc.), and provide emergency response measures, thereby playing an important role in reducing accident losses and ensuring structural safety.

4) Provide strong technical support for maintenance, service, repair, transformation and survey

Able to timely and comprehensively reflect the actual status of the platform structure, find out the existing structural safety hazards, and put forward reasonable suggestions and on-site key survey suggestions to provide technical support for the repair, maintenance and service of the platform and the on-site survey of the surveyor.

5) Security management of aging mobile platform

Through continuous tracking and periodic structural safety evaluation of the aging mobile platform, technical support is provided for the regular maintenance and service of the aging platform, to reduce its operational risk.

2. System features

Realize the perfect seamless connection between condition data and finite element model, and establish a continuous, dynamic and fast structural evaluation system throughout the life cycle.

1) Fast response capability for finite element calculation

The seamless connection between the thickness measurement data and the finite element calculation model of the platform is realized, so that the platform has the fast response capability for finite element calculation, and the conclusions and suggestions of calculation analysis can be quickly fed back to the platform during the docking repair period to guide repair or transformation construction.

2) Accurate and efficient thickness measurement

A systematic platform for thickness measurement is provided. Based on the last evaluation results and site conditions, the thickness measurement range can be determined, and the diagrams for thickness measurement are printed. A standardized thickness measurement report will be automatically generated based on the entered thickness measurement data, thereby realizing standardized, normalized and efficient thickness measurement.

3) Full life cycle management of structural safety of mobile platform

Conduct centralized management of platform data such as the original platform design, previous reconstruction/repair drawings and data, previous survey and testing data, finite element models, previous calculation and analysis data etc. Based on these complete technical data, the evaluation of structural and technical status of the system, pre-evaluation before platform operations, emergency response, evaluation and management of the aging platform, and other functions, realize the structural management of the mobile platform throughout the life cycle.

3. Achievements

The MSER system has been successfully applied in the well location operation capability analysis and emergency response analysis of more than one hundred mobile platforms, and the structural safety assessment and analysis of aging platforms of China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL), CNPC Offshore Engineering Company Limited (CPOE), and Shengli Oilfield Offshore Drilling Company, which has produced huge economic and social benefits.

The MSER system has created a new mode of structural safety management of offshore mobile platforms, and surely will promote the safe operation and scientific management of offshore mobile platforms in China.


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