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Analysis and verification service of offshore facilities mooring system

The analysis and verification service of mooring system for offshore facilities refers to the evaluation and analysis of the hull hydrodynamic performance and mooring system performance based on the three-dimensional orbiting radiation potential current theory by using professional hydrodynamic analysis software when the offshore facilities are subjected to various environmental loads such as first-order wave frequency force, wave slow drift force, wind force and current force during service, to ensure that the design meets the requirements of classification societies. The mooring system analysis and validation service can realize the accurate prediction of environmental force loads such as wind, waves and currents as well as the corresponding motion response of offshore facilities, and analyze and calculate the mooring system performance and mooring cable strength, which effectively improve the operation accuracy and efficiency and ensure the safety of the operation, and provide the platform owners with decisions on the selection, modification, capacity enhancement and life extension of the floating platform as well as technical support for the safe operation and scientific management of the platform.

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