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EEOI Evaluation and Verification

This service aims to meet the requirements of international and domestic regulations as well as the green and low-carbon transport requirements of the shipping industry, and build a comprehensive ship energy efficiency management platform integrating multi-source ship energy efficiency data collection, multi-indicator statistical analysis, three-dimensional cross-assessment verification, report output and energy efficiency optimization for the industry, which can provide services such as multi-dimensional, efficient and convenient ship energy efficiency assessment and verification services for shipowners, industry organizations and government authorities. These services include ship energy efficiency monitoring, reporting and verification to meet the requirements of IMO energy efficiency rules, EU MRV Directive (2015/757) and energy efficiency requirements of competent authorities, ship energy saving and emission reduction technology assessment and verification, IMO maritime greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy target compliance assessment, ship technical energy efficiency index, operational energy efficiency index calculation and assessment, and RIHGTSHIP greenhouse gas optimization rating assessment.

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Science & Technology Innovation and Test Center: 0086-10-58112065.