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Main features

OTA is an adaptive trim optimization based on its bottom layer covering 99.5% draft condition and speed database. The database contains information such as ship speed, draft, trim, resistance and main engine power, and the corresponding data are generated by combining computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with a ship model tank test.

The OTA system can find the relationship of the ship trim-draft-speed-power under any working conditions; and can find the main engine power, trim and draft (speed) form a spatially continuous curved surface, and the optimal trim point at any speed (draft) under any water through the corresponding optimization algorithm.

OTA has the following advantages over other operational tools and means:

● Significant energy savings and economic benefits;

● It does not affect the ship operations and does not reduce its cargo capacity;

● It requires no adjustments to the hull structure and equipment and no reduction in speed;

● Can be installed and run on any computer;

● No hardware investments or modifications are required (additional sensor, inductance gage, etc.);

● The software interface is user-friendly and supports easy, one-button operation.