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Optimizing fleet operations

Excellent green shipping solutions

OTA (Optimal Trim Assistant) is a software system independently developed by CCS that can be installed on any computer to optimize the vertical inclination of the ship's navigation and can perfectly assist the green operation of shipping. Simply input fuel information, stem and stern draft, speed and other parameters, and with a single click, you can perform adaptive optimal longitudinal tilt search and export a complete optimization report, including the following contents: voyage information, fuel information, sailing conditions, recommended optimal trim (stem and stern draft) and corresponding energy saving potential estimation, ballast water estimation and adjustment plan, etc. 

More than just software

In order to facilitate the adjustment of the ship's actual trim, OTA provides a tool for the conversion of the ship's dipstick position for a more accurate and optimal trim operation.

In most cases, a proper reduction of ballast water will reduce fuel consumption; however, in some conditions, a proper increase of ballast water will reduce the hull resistance and benefit the ship's navigation. The ballast water calculation module of OTA will give reasonable ballast water stowage suggestions through optimization calculations. On the basis of realizing the most efficient trim, further optimization is carried out to achieve refined operational management, and a guiding ballast water adjustment scheme is issued in combination with the trim optimization results.

OTA also provides a data interface for interaction with the existing vessel management system of shipping companies, which facilitates the integrated information management of shipping enterprises. A complete optimization calculation report will be generated once the trim optimization calculation is done.