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Inspection of ship materials and equipment (marine products)

Ships are made of a variety of materials and equipment and during a ship survey, these items are collectively called products. As ships sail on water for a long time, these products must meet the requirements of safety and reliability under challenging conditions, including situations with high salinity and high humidity in a dynamic, and long-term operational environment. Therefore, the role of the marine product inspection is to verify the conformity, applicability and reliability of materials and equipment through the technical evaluation in accordance with the technical regulations and specifications issued by the competent authority and classification societies. The inspection service is provided for product manufacturing companies, such as steel mills, equipment manufacturers, etc.

Marine product inspections include individual/batch inspections, design approvals, type approvals, works approval, approval of inspections and testing institutes and principle approvals, etc. Following the inspections regime, the “Marine Product Certificate” (or “Equivalent Certificate”), the “Approval Certificate” and other documents are issued, respectively.

China Classification Society (CCS) launched its product inspection services more than 60 years ago. It has mature inspection modes, working procedures, and operational methods, and has formed a relatively complete inspection system.

CCS has an experienced inspection team who participate in more than 20 national-level scientific research projects every year. They implement effective control over each link that affects product quality like product design, manufacturing, testing and quality management, thereby ensuring that product quality meets the requirements of relevant conventions, laws and regulations, codes and standards, and providing a prerequisite for guaranteeing ship quality and the safety of life at sea.

CCS performs approvals and inspections for product manufacturers worldwide in more than 70 countries and regions in Asia, Americas, Europe and beyond. CCS has approved more than 7,000 manufacturers and it issues more than 300,000 product certificates for its clients every year. The products inspected cover various industries such as metallurgy, machinery, electronics, oil, chemical engineering, and shipbuilding.

For more information on the “Product Inspection” regime of the China Classification Society, please refer to Chapter 3, Part 1 of the CCS Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships(Click here).


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EFor more information, please refer to Chapter 3, Part 1 of the CCS Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships

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