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Business Areas


+ Industrial Certification
+ Industrial Technical Services
+ International Classification
+ Certification Services
+ Offshore engineering services
+ Inspection of ship materials and equipment (marine products)
+ Green Ship/Energy Efficiency Service
+ Approval of Service Suppliers

Certification Services

You may benefit from CCS certification as follows:

Timely and thoughtful service

There are more than 80 CCS service locations worldwide, which can provide timely audit and certification services to your ships. You can submit an application through the registration, application and survey information service system on CCS official website, or by sending fax/email to, or call a CCS local branch nearest to the port of call of the ship, and we will reply for confirmation of the application and make arrangements in time.

Professional auditor team

CCS has an experienced team of maritime management system auditors and maritime labor inspectors, among which 327 auditors and 232 inspectors distributed in the headquarters and more than 80 service locations could provide you with timely audit and certification services in both Chinese and English languages. CCS carries out knowledge updating training for the auditors on a regular basis and hold seminars to ensure that their audit skills and knowledge meet the needs of audit and certification services.

Availability of information

CCS will follow up new regulations and requirements of International Conventions, Codes and industrial organizations with regard to ship security management, trends of global MOU on Port State Control, especially the USA, with regard to security survey, information from website of each authorizing flag state administration, and relevant industrial requirements, and will provide technical circulars and/or notices to you in time. We will also collect data and information on company and ship security management for statistics and analysis, and share the results with you.


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