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+ Industrial Certification
+ Industrial Technical Services
+ International Classification
+ Certification Services
+ Offshore engineering services
+ Inspection of ship materials and equipment (marine products)
+ Green Ship/Energy Efficiency Service
+ Approval of Service Suppliers

Green Ship/Energy Efficiency Service

Since the China Classification Society (CCS) promulgated the Rules for Green Ships in 2012, good application effects have been achieved. In early 2020, CCS updated the Rules for Green Ships (2012 Edition) and released the Rules for Green Eco-Ships (2020).

The Rules for Green Eco-Ships (2020) have repositioned the green and environmental protection requirements of ships, which fully reflect the concept of ecology first and green development and are more in line with the needs of the market and the times. Based on the original requirements for energy efficiency, environmental protection and working environment, according to the development trend of green technology, a comprehensive index system for eco-ships has been established for the first time. With environmental protection as the core content, the Rules give the technical requirements and index requirements for six aspects covering the control of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, prevention of alien biological transfer, environmental friendliness, control of water pollution emissions, control of air pollution emissions and control of hazardous material use, which fully reflect the requirements of safety, environmental protection and sustainable development.

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