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Business Areas


+ Industrial Certification
+ Industrial Technical Services
+ International Classification
+ Certification Services
+ Offshore engineering services
+ Inspection of ship materials and equipment (marine products)
+ Green Ship/Energy Efficiency Service
+ Approval of Service Suppliers

Offshore engineering services

Since the early 1970s, CCS has been authorized by the governments of China and other countries/ regions to independently carry out statutory surveys, classification, certification and verification of offshore installations, equipment and materials engaging in exploration, exploitation and production in the China seas. These installations are scattered in oil and gas fields along China coast ranging from Bohai Bay to South China Sea, from shallow waters to deep oceans.

CCS is actively expanding a new area of the marine economy, providing classification and verification services for offshore aquaculture installationsleisure facilities, and providing classification for offshore wind turbine service platforms. Combining fan certification experience, advanced testing techniques and the study of the offshore engineering technology center on offshore wind farms, CCS provides strong technical support for the development of China’s offshore wind power industry.

CCS is committed to serving offshore oil and gas development, developing safety measures and protecting the environment as offshore oil and gas developments progress, in an effort to expand the marine economy, and promote independent and innovative development in the industry.

We continue to improve related technical rules, guidelines and instructions and enhance plan approval capability, calculation, analysis, survey, project management and information services, and build up a team of professionals in this area, aiming to make contributions to the development of ocean oil & gas exploration and exploitation and a new marine economy, as well as to the global sustainable energy development.


Our goal is to provide you with:

Verification and evaluation services covering all areas of offshore engineering;

Services throughout the full life cycle for offshore installations’, covering design, construction, operation and disposal stages.


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