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The ship survey business covers high value-added ships such as large ore ships, container ships and liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, as well as green and intelligent ships. We provide continuous technical support and solutions for multiple newbuilding projects, offer more convenient online survey services, and make more resources available for inquiry and download. Also, we continuously strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation to enhance our brand influence. We actively participate in international and domestic exhibition activities, and carry out multilateral and bilateral international exchanges. Two phases of training on ship survey technology and management were hosted for the developing countries and ASEAN countries along the Belt and Road, including 16 countries and regions.

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International Classification
Classification is an important method for assessment of ship’s technical conditions, by means of whether the ship is classed and what grade the class is, directly influencing the ship’s freight and insurance i.e. the trust level the cargo owner and insurance company have in the ship, and also affecting the ship’s purchase price or rent at the time of dealing or chartering. Comparing with non-classed ships, a classed ship has considerable advantages in ship transactions, shipping cargo collections and insurance rates.After years of development, CCS succeeds in keeping pace with the international counterparts in ship survey business, obtaining recognition and authorization from the administrations of more and more countries or regions to carry out statutory surveys and issue corresponding certificates on their behalf. The classification surveys provided by CCS and the assigned class symbols and notations have been recognized by the insurers both at home and abroad and the ships classed with CCS can enjoy the same preferential insurance treatment for the cargo carried.CCS owns a team of well-experienced exclusive surveyors with high educational level. CCS has set up branchesoffices at major ports along China’s coast and the Yangtze River and in countriesregions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Oceania etc., shaping up a global service network.CCS carries out classification surveys and issues corresponding certificates strictly according to the quality system requirements to ensure that the entire service process is performed under controlled conditions and the survey quality is guaranteed. CCS has become one of the best member societies of IACS in terms of good PSC quality record of CCS-classed ships.With the rapid development of the shipping and shipbuilding industry, the CCS classification fleet has expanded. A number of very large, high-tech, and high-value-added ships LNG, VLCC, VLOC, 21,000-TEU very large container ships, 210,000-dwt bulk carriers, 400,000-dwt ore carriers, etc. have joined the CCS fleet, making it more international and modern. By the end of 2019, in terms of international voyage fleet, 4,200 ships were classed with a gross tonnage of 1.12 and an average age of 9.5 years.CCS accelerates the technology research on high value-added ships, and completes the direct calculation and standard formulation of large-scale thin-film LNG carriers, the research and development of ship types such as LNG dual-fuel bulk ore ships, LNG bunkering ships, LNG-powered large tankers, and oil-electric hybrid bulk ore ships, and on-board verification of the applicability of the rules for large luxury cruise ships. CCS makes greater efforts to develop service products and provide customers with precise services. Also, CCS carries out structural optimization and energy efficiency upgrades for large ore carriers, bulk carriers, and product oil tankers, and provides ship emergency response services and ship condition assessment procedures CAP. CCS has promulgated the “Guidelines for Ship Remote Surveys”, to promote remote survey technology, provide customers with efficient and flexible survey services, and effectively respond to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the classification business. (20,000-TEU very large container ships “COSCO SHIPPING SCORPIO”) (308,000-dwt oil tanker “XIN HAI YUAN”) (62,000-dwt multi-purpose pulp carrier “COSCO SHIPPING EXCELLENCE”) CCS is committed to providing excellent services to all circles in the field of ship classification. All of you are welcome to choose our services, supervise our services, and work with us to make the greatest contribution to shipping safety and clean marine environment.To apply for ship classification services, customers only need to submit an application for ship classification to the nearest CCS office at home and abroad.For more details, please contact us:Tel.: 0086-10-58113599E-mail: More convenient services:EContact CCS officesbranches
Certification Services
You may benefit from CCS certification as follows:Timely and thoughtful serviceThere are more than 80 CCS service locations worldwide, which can provide timely audit and certification services to your ships. You can submit an application through the registration, application and survey information service system on CCS official website, or by sending faxemail to, or call a CCS local branch nearest to the port of call of the ship, and we will reply for confirmation of the application and make arrangements in time.Professional auditor teamCCS has an experienced team of maritime management system auditors and maritime labor inspectors, among which 327 auditors and 232 inspectors distributed in the headquarters and more than 80 service locations could provide you with timely audit and certification services in both Chinese and English languages. CCS carries out knowledge updating training for the auditors on a regular basis and hold seminars to ensure that their audit skills and knowledge meet the needs of audit and certification services.Availability of informationCCS will follow up new regulations and requirements of International Conventions, Codes and industrial organizations with regard to ship security management, trends of global MOU on Port State Control, especially the USA, with regard to security survey, information from website of each authorizing flag state administration, and relevant industrial requirements, and will provide technical circulars andor notices to you in time. We will also collect data and information on company and ship security management for statistics and analysis, and share the results with you.For more details, please contact us:Tel.:0086-10-58113599 E-mail:
Green Ship/Energy Efficiency Service
Since the China Classification Society CCS promulgated the Rules for Green Ships in 2012, good application effects have been achieved. In early 2020, CCS updated the Rules for Green Ships 2012 Edition and released the Rules for Green Eco-Ships 2020. The Rules for Green Eco-Ships 2020 have repositioned the green and environmental protection requirements of ships, which fully reflect the concept of ecology first and green development and are more in line with the needs of the market and the times. Based on the original requirements for energy efficiency, environmental protection and working environment, according to the development trend of green technology, a comprehensive index system for eco-ships has been established for the first time. With environmental protection as the core content, the Rules give the technical requirements and index requirements for six aspects covering the control of greenhouse gas GHG emissions, prevention of alien biological transfer, environmental friendliness, control of water pollution emissions, control of air pollution emissions and control of hazardous material use, which fully reflect the requirements of safety, environmental protection and sustainable development.For more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-10-58112871 E-mail:


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