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FPSO and SPM units

China Classification Society CCS started to provide certification services for FPSOs in the 1990s. With the development of deep-sea oil and gas projects, demand for FPSOs has increased and is continuing to rise. So far, CCS has carried out statutory and classification surveys for a number of new FPSOs and tanker retrofitted FPSOs, has undertaken the survey for Offshore Oil 121 and AVANT I FPSO projects, and has independently completed the survey for a number of domestic and foreign SPM projects.“Offshore Oil 121” FPSO, 61918 GT, mooring type: internal turret Brunei SPM Maoming SPM For more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-10-58112275 E-mail:

Equipment and materials of offshore installations

The quality of the equipment and materials is the basis and guarantee of the quality of offshore installations. The certification of the equipment and materials is an important link in the survey of offshore installations. Our product survey is to make sure that the equipment and materials used in the offshore installations comply with the statutory survey, classification and certification requirements, in order to ensure the quality and safety of offshore installations. CCS also provides individual approval and product verification for individual equipment and material to confirm that they meet the requirements of statutory surveys and classification, and rules and standards used. Subsea production tree Subsea manifold For more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-10-58112269 E-mail:

Structural safety assessment of offshore installations

Through visual inspection for underwater, above-water and topside structure of offshore installations, and using different inspection methods, such as detectionvideo, measurement of marine growth, thickness measurement, NDT of critical areas, anode survey, catholic protection potential measurement, seabed detection, CCS provides scientific and reasonable basis for safe service, repair and modification of offshore installations combined with special software of offshore structural and hydrodynamic analysis. Based on the model established through safety assessments, CCS provides technical support services for owners during the whole service life of offshore installations. By tracking the service conditions of offshore installations and the results of regular surveys, CCS will update the calculation model in order to reflect the actual status of offshore installations timely. When the offshore installations need to be repaired, modified or suffer sea damage, CCS will determine what measures need to be taken to make repairs through a science-based decision-making process, that is rapid and will bring direct benefits to owners.1 Assessment object and contentAssessment of global strength, local strength, tubular joints punching shear strength, pile foundation bearing capacity, risk of crack and residual fatigue life of the fixed platforms under all conditions, including simple platform, jacket platform, tension leg platform, guyed tower platform and single point mooring platform.Assessment of global strength, local strength, hydrodynamic performance, risk of cracks and residual fatigue life of the mobile platforms under all conditions, as well as calculation and checking of intact stability, damage stability, anti-capsize stability, anti-sliding stability, descending and ascending stability of the platforms, including jack-up, submersible, column-stabilized and surface-type platforms.Assessment of global strength, local strength, hydrodynamic performance, risk of crack, residual fatigue life, as well as calculation and checking of intact stability, damage stability and load line of FPSOs under all conditions.Assessment of global strength, local strength and fatigue strength of subsea pipeline.Calculation of cable tension, cable length, fatigue strength, and anchor holding power of the mooring system in intact and damaged conditions.Assessment of global strength, local strength and fatigue failure of other offshore installations, such as ROV’s and deep-sea vehicles.2 Assessment software of offshore installations owned by CCSGeneral structure calculation software: ANSYS, NASTRANProfessional offshore installations structure calculation software: SACS, STRUCADEnvironmental load and stability calculation software: AQWA, STABCAD, NEPTUNESubsea pipeline and mooring system calculation software: PIPELINE, ZENMOOR, FLEXRISER, AQWAFor more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-22-65173619 E-mail:

New marine energy

CCS has always focused on clean energy and has achieved a breakthrough in the offshore wind power arena. Combined with our strength and experience in offshore engineering, CCS launched key technology research onoffshore wind turbine structures and offshore booster stations, providing clients with relevant project certification, technical review and verification services. For more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-10-58112268 E-mail:

New marine economy

In recent years, with breakthroughs made in marine technology and the stimulation of market demand, new marine economic industries have achieved a leap-forward in development and become an important driver for economic growth.China Classification Society CCS has taken the lead in verification services in offshore wind power, offshore aquaculture, marine leisure, and marine scientific research fields, to ensure the safe operation of new offshore engineering equipment. Since the plan approval service for offshore fish farming facilities was provided officially in 2017, CCS has successively undertaken plan approval and on-site surveys for more than 20 offshore aquaculture and marine leisure facilities; relying on rich offshore engineering experience in the field of wind power, and combined with fan certification experience and advanced testing techniques and the study of the offshore engineering technology center on offshore wind farms, CCS provides strong technical support for the development of the offshore wind power industry in China. Shanghai Electric Power Dafeng H3 220kv offshore booster station “YONGLE” scientific test platform “Longyuan Zhenhua No.3” wind power installation platform, lifting capacity: 2000t, operating water depth: 50m “GENG HAI No.1” marine ranching integrated platform design sketch, total cage diameter: 80m, aquaculture water capacity: 27000m3 For more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-10-58112268,0086-10-58113424 E-mail:

Rules development and research of offshore engineering

China Classification Society CCS has been committed to offshore engineering exploration and development services and has developed a large number of offshore engineering rules and guidelines through technical accumulation and research based on the technical services provided to owners of offshore engineering. A complete system of offshore engineering rules has been established. By closely following the national energy development strategy, CCS accelerates technical research on deep-sea floating production systems, deep-sea subsea pipelines, and deep-sea subsea production systems. CCS has independently carried out more than 20 core research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Work Safety. CCS has mastered core technologies such as the general arrangement of offshore installations and units, performance calculations, sloshing load calculations, motion suppression, global strength calculations, dynamic positioning and position mooring calculations. For more details, please contact us:Tel:0086-22-65173090 E-mail:


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