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The First 10,000T Methanol Dual-fuel Integrated Electrically-propelled Inland Bulk Carrier “Guoneng Changjiang 01” was Launched

release time:2024-06-07 08:06

The First 10,000T Methanol Dual-fuel Integrated Electrically-propelled Inland Bulk Carrier “Guoneng Changjiang 01” was Launched

Recently, the first domestic 10,000T methanol dual-fuel integrated electrically-propelled inland bulk carrier “Guoneng Changjiang 01” was successfully launched at Hubei Hechuang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. This marks the gradual maturity of China’s inland methanol dual-fuel electrically-propelled ship technology, and a new chapter in green shipping.




Guoneng Changjiang 01” carrier is an important measure taken by Guoneng Ocean Shipping (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. to deepen the Yangtze River shipping layout, implement the “dual carbon” strategy, and facilitate the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. As a standard ship type for transportation in the Chuanjiang River and Three Gorges Reservoir areas, this carrier has a designed cargo capacity of 10,850t, is classified by CCS, and has obtained additional marks including intelligent ship (M, E, I), green ship-1, etc. Its unique methanol dual-fuel integrated electric propulsion system represents the latest achievements in domestic ship engineering technology; its intelligent energy efficiency management meets the functional requirements including online intelligent monitoring of ship energy efficiency, speed optimization, optimal loading based on trim optimization; its intelligent cabin system can achieve status monitoring, fault diagnosis, health assessment, decision-making assistance, etc. for the power system.


It is worth mentioning that this carrier has good adaptability to the special operating conditions of the Yangtze River in different seasons, different segments, and drastic changes in upstream and downstream power. Compared with mechanically-propelled ships of the same scale, it is expected to save fuel costs by 26% and reduce carbon emissions by 11%. This performance improvement will undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the green and low-carbon development of shipping on the Yangtze River.


The successful launch of “Guoneng Changjiang 01” carrier has not only demonstrated CCS’s professional capabilities and efficient services in ship survey, but also reflected its important role in promoting the construction of green and intelligent ships on the Yangtze River. During the construction process of this carrier, the Huangshi Office of CCS Wuhan Branch has upheld the customer-oriented development concept, and insisted on moving service forward to continuously improve the service quality and efficiency. From pre-contract services to project plan development, key technical support as well as coordination and communication among relevant parties, it has made careful arrangement, and provided professional technical support for the successful implementation of this project.


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