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This Large Ship has Demonstrated the Concept of Environmental Protection and Technology in Its Appearance

release time:2024-06-07 08:06

This Large Ship has Demonstrated the Concept of Environmental Protection and Technology in Its Appearance

Recently, the contract for the classification and construction of China’s first and the world’s largest two 740TEU pure electric open-top seagoing container ships of Ningbo Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. has been officially signed, with Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. winning the bid for contracting. The signing of this contract marks that China’s coastal container ship operation will enter the zero-emission and pure electric era, which is of milestone significance for implementing the national “dual-carbon” strategy and promoting the green, zero-carbon and high-quality development of China’s shipping industry.



Concept Drawing


This ship, 127.8m long, 21.6m wide and 10.5m deep, sails in the coastal navigation area of China, and adopts dual-engine and dual-propeller propulsion. Its propulsion system is equipped with two 875 kW permanent magnet synchronous propulsion motors, with a maximum speed of 11.5 knots. With a full demonstration of the concept of environmental protection and technology in its appearance color and shape, it is a pure electric container ship that integrates green, efficient, and intelligent features. The design of this ship meets the CCS “Rules for Intelligent Ships”. It is the first 10,000T domestically-produced high-end seagoing vessel with an intelligent integration platform, an intelligent cabin, and open water autonomous navigation i-ship (I, M, No), as well as classification symbols for intelligent ships.


In recent years, CCS Wuhan Branch has moved its service window forward, strengthened close communication with Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and provided timely technical support to facilitate the successful signing of this contract.


Next, CCS will take effective measures based on the customer needs and the service planning scheme for new battery-powered ships of CCS headquarters, and further provide efficient and high-quality survey technology services to customers to ensure the smooth progress of this project.


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