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Data Security Risk Assessment for Ships and Offshore Installations

release time:2022-02-28 16:02

CCS provides related services to address data security risks for ships and offshore installations.

With the development of digital technology with data as the core, data is gradually becoming a social resource capable of being accumulated continuously. 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, industrial Internet and other new technologies and applications have had profound impact on the shipping industry, and have also stimulated the explosive growth of data volume. China is expected to become the world's largest data sphere (the collection of data created, collected or copied) by 2025 according to IDC.

The development of shipping industry will make real-time ship tracking, cargo management, unmanned navigation, intelligent transport capacity management, dynamic freight, digital documents, as well as end-to-end port management possible. Data will be distinctly characterized by various data types, complex application scenarios, liquidity and challenging data management. In the process of shipping industry moving towards intelligence, low carbon and digitalization, data is also increasingly exposed to security risks.

To deal with data security risks for ships and offshore installations, CCS provides the following services

(1) Ship data classification and grading assessment

As ship data is complex and diverse, analysis of data classification and study on the principle of classification and hierarchy based data management have been carried out in order to provide data protection. Data classification strategy is focusing on defining data types whilst data grading strategy is focusing on defining the security level of data protection.

(2) Ship data security and safety risk assessment

According to data application scenarios, the impact of application on the security and safety of crew, equipment, ship and organization will be assessed from the perspectives of standardization, integrity and conformity of data collection, integration, transmission and application throughout the life cycle.

(3) Ship data management maturity assessment

Data management maturity focuses on the management of data throughout the whole life cycle, including the demand of security protection. It emphasizes the integration of organization construction, institutional process and technical tools, and evaluates the organization’s data management ability.

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