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Guidelines for Thickness Measurement of Hull(Ver.6.5)

release time:2023-01-01 16:01 | effective date:2023-01-01 00:00:00

The Guidelines for Thickness Measurement of Hull (Ver.6.4) have been partly revised and developed according to current CCS Rules and the relevant requirements of IMO, IACS URs, PRs, RECs, etc. by referring to relevant provisions and in conjunction with issued found related to thickness measurement during survey management.

Main changes of contents for this revision include:


The definitions in this guide are modified according to the current CCS Rules, and some words are edited.


According to UR Z7(Rev.29 May 2022), considering that some ships do not have cargo space, the thickness measurement range of all ships is adjusted, and the text expression of the deck cross-section within 0.5L of the ship is selected for special inspection.


According to UR Z10.3(Rev.20 May 2022) and UR Z10.4(Rev.17 May 2022), thickness measurement requirements for the first special inspection of chemical tankers and double hulled tankers have been modified. In addition, according to the updated definition of ballast tank in UR Z10, the definition of ballast tank in the Guide has been deleted.

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