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Rules For Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2023 RCN02

release time:2023-06-29 09:06 | effective date:2023-07-01 00:00:00

For PART ONE of this RCN: incorporation of UR Z17(Rev.18/2023.02), revised ISO 17025 edition number, deleting the requirement that Service Suppliers of BWMS are to be accredited to ISO 17025, revised reporting contents of Service Suppliers of BWMS, and adding or revising relevant class notations (e.g. i-Ship, Cyber Security) in accordance with newly developed CCS rules and guidelines. Meanwhile, in order to meet the needs for ready classification services and onboard carbon capture technology from the market and customers, Chapter 35 System and Equipment Ready and Chapter 36 Onboard Carbon Capture System are added in PART EIGHT.

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