The current position:


release time:2022-03-29 09:03 | effective date:2022-07-01 00:00:00

Main contents of revisions are as follows:

Provisions of classification:

Some special duties notations are adjusted as type notations; the list of special duties notations is placed after the list of type notations and before the list of service or service restriction notations. Adding CCS newly developed Rules for Classification of Sea-going Boats, Guidelines for Strength Assessment of Ships with Specific Service Area or Service Route or Service Life,  Guidelines for Enhanced Fire Safety of Container Ships, Guidelines for Quality Assessment of Ship Data, Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation of Ship Compartment Air Quality and Biohazard Factors and Guidelines for Survey of Rim-driven Thruster, and revising some related notations.


Coordinating and revising the requirements for slot welding on the side plates of the rudder sealing plate; clarifying that the types of fillet welds include fillet welds, partial penetration fillet welds and full penetration fillet welds; clarifying the approval type for approved plans and documents of loading instruments software; clarifying that container ships in unrestricted service and with a length of 150m and above are in accordance with CCS Rules for Structures of Container Ships; clarifying the spacing requirements for buckling stiffeners on main frames; adding deck thickness requirements for floating cranes in loading conditions; clarifying flooding condition requirements for ore carriers and the application scope of Sections 3 and 4; rearrangement of main structural members of membrane type liquefied gas carriers.

Machinery installations

Adding types of mechanical joint and fire endurance test conditions, revising relevant fire endurance test requirements; revising prototype test notes of flexible hoses; adding a numerical simulation test based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for air pipe automatic closing devices, as alternative to the reverse flow test; clarifying load test requirements for gas mode of low pressure gas fuel engines.

Electrical installations

Revising relevant requirements for cable coverings, assessing the current rating of lighting circuits; clarifying applicable conditions for submitting calculations for short-circuit for currents for approval.

Other parts

Part 05 Revising calculation parameter of crankshaft of a reciprocating compressor, to comply with industry design and manufacture

Part 06 Revision made in accordance with the latest UR F15, to refer to correct MARPOL regulation.

Part 08  Revising Chapter 6/Section 1, Chapter 13/Section 1, Chapter 19/Sections 1 to 3, Chapter 23/ Sections 6, 10, and 11, and Chapter 28/Section 2, based on industry feedback and expert review meeting comments. Updating Chapter 17 regarding the description of SOLAS as amended by MSC.421(98); revising the entire Chapter 26 according to the requirements of URM74 for the design and installation of different types of BWMS and adding UR F45 regarding additional fire safety measures related to the installation of ballast water management systems.

Part 09  Mainly incorporating RCN 1 and Corrigenda 1 to IACS CSR 2021.

Part 10 Revising the requirements for not carrying service area reduction when Fd and Fb are less than 1, base on industry feedback of ships in restricted service.

Unless otherwise specified, the 2022 Amendments to Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships will take effect on 1 July 2022.

Note: In the amendments, blue underline is to highlight new insertions, strikethrough line is to highlight deleted contents.

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