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Guidelines for Requirement and Security Assessment of Ship Cyber System 2020

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 In recent years, with digital, intelligent and cyber-based advancement of ships, an increasing number of control systems, communication and navigation systems, information management systems and devices are applied in ship cyber to realize external information interaction. Increasing "online" configurations give rise to mounting potential cyber threats of ships. Under such a background, ship cyber security is of great importance.

Responding to urgent need of improving cyber risk and threat awareness, the IMO released the Circular on the Maritime Cyber Risk Management Guideline (MSC-FAL.1/Circ3) on 98th session of Maritime Security Committee, which proposes countermeasures to cyber risks. IACS issued 12 recommendations for ship cyber security in 2018. International maritime organization is constantly raising the importance of ship cyber risks management.

In order to meet industry requirements, CCS works out the Guideline to standardize the construction, operation and maintenance, assessment and inspection of ship cyber, have the managing and technical personnel get aware of importance of ship cyber security, build new awareness of comprehensively enhancing ship cyber system construction and threat defense competence, ensure stability of ship cyber environment, and lay basic conditions and guarantee for intelligentization, digitalization and networking of ships.

Targeting at risk points of operation, integration, maintenance, design, security awareness and management level in such links as design, implementation, operation and retirement of ship cyber system, the Guideline guides cyber system construction for shipowners/ship management companies and system developers, and sets forth measurable security assessment methods, inspection and test requirements.

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