The current position:

Our service

Relying on various data resources collected by the ship survey institute, we actively carry out data resource cooperation, and provide customized data analysis products in the form of data service products and data interfaces according to users in the ship and ocean engineering industry. This platform serves as a co-creation space for data applications in the industry. We also provide users with data cooperation, support the environment for data application development and operation, and create a sharing platform of industry data resources.

Technical expert knowledge service before survey

CCS provides its users with the technical guidance for self-inspections before a ship survey and helps them to customize reasonable survey contents according to the characteristics of the ship itself, and based on information such as the survey basis.

Supplier information inquiry

CCS provides supplier information inquiry services approved by major classification societies to help quickly locate the most suitable supplier companies based on geographic locations and professional services.

Inventory of hazardous materials (IHM)

CCS provides convenient information for shipyards, product manufacturers and suppliers to compile the various declarations required by the Hong Kong Convention, and quickly develop an inventory of hazardous materials of ships on the basis of these declarations.

Certificate and survey data interface

CCS provides its clients with various survey information, policies, and notices related to their fleets, to help users better manage their ships.

Enterprise quality and credit indication services

CCS provides verification services of CCS inspections and accreditation situations to marine product manufacturers to support the promotion and application of their products.

Ship repair made easy

CCS helps shipping companies, shipowners and ship maintenance personnel easily find eligible ship repair companies and provides its clients with cross-regional information services.

Ship survey data resource service

In the context of the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, data resources are the most important driving force in the “Internet Plus” era. The data revolution is a “new energy revolution” and will, most likely, become a useful tool in leading social changes in the future.

It has been difficult for traditional management and control methods to meet the actual development needs of the ship and ocean engineering industry. The big data technology needs to be scientifically applied to analyze various data from the industry, so as to improve the timeliness, accuracy and reliability of various jobs, and meet the reform, transformation and development needs of the industry.

CCS has accumulated a large number of data resources in the long-term inspection process of ships and marine products, which is of great importance to supporting ship design, construction and operation. CCS is committed to using its own accumulated data to actively develop cooperation and joint governance while building an open and shared data service platform for the industry.

To meet various data analysis needs in the industry, we have developed data services, and provide data analysis products, information service products, knowledge service products and other comprehensive big data-aided decision-making support, to promote the IT-based and intelligent development of the ship and ocean engineering industry. This platform provides industry users with customized data analysis services, data exchange interface services, and ship survey-centered knowledge services through data cooperation service operations and other modes.

The service is introduced

Co-creation space
With an open and shared data resource platform, we support the development and operation of professional, innovative applications, and the cooperation and management of innovative service resources.
Data analysis service
Based on various data resources collected by the ship survey institute, we provide cross-platform data services to users in the ship industry to support the overall digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.
Data chain of the ship industry

With a cross-platform, safe and reliable data sharing and transaction chain, we provide industry-level multi-dimensional data resource services, and data power transaction control services with security verification capabilities.