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+ Register of Ships
+ Changes of Class Status
+ Statutory Authorization delegated to CCS on Statutory Services
+ List of Approved Suppliers
+ Flag Authorizations for Certification


+ Marine Product Information
+ Product Testing And Testing Mechanism
+ MLC Certification Information
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ISPS Requirements

If the Chinese and English requirements are inconsistent, the English manuscript shall prevail. This part of the content cannot be guaranteed to cover all relevant requirements of the Convention and flag states.
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Infomation List

NO CCS NO Title Release date English download Chinese translation
NPM 02/2018 NPM 02/2018 Amendment - Implementation Continuous Education Programme (CEP) To All Maritime Transport Security Officer (MTSO) And Maritime Facility Security Officer (MFSO) 2018-04-24 attachment1
NPM 42/2010 (2012) Circ.No.88 Total No.250 SECURITY INCIDENT REPORT — The Malaysian Shipping Notice NPM 42/2010 2014-04-21 attachment1
NPM 43/2010 (2012) Circ.No.87 Total No.249 GUIDANCE FOR IDENTIFYING SHIP WHEN TRANSMITTING SSA — The Malaysian Shipping Notice NPM 43/2010 2014-04-21 attachment1
1 3 in total