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ISPS Requirements

If the Chinese and English requirements are inconsistent, the English manuscript shall prevail. This part of the content cannot be guaranteed to cover all relevant requirements of the Convention and flag states.
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Infomation List

NO CCS NO Title Release date English download Chinese translation
REP-004 Rev. 07/20 REP-004 Rev. 07/20 Reporting Incidents of Armed Attacks, Piracy and Robbery 2021-01-06 attachment1
ISP-002 Rev. 07/20 ISP-002 Rev. 07/20 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) 2021-01-05 attachment1
ISP-001 Rev. 07/20 ISP-001 Rev. 07/20 International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) 2021-01-05 attachment1
MARINE SECURITY ADVISORY – 04/2018 MARINE SECURITY ADVISORY – 04/2018 NEW SECURITY GUIDANCE – Anti-Piracy, BMP5, and GCPG 2018-09-11 attachment1
MSA 03/2018 MSA 03/2018 Industry Releasable Threat Assessment (IRTA) 2018-04-25 attachment1
MA 04/2018 MA 04/2018 North Korea Sanctions Advisory 2018-04-23 attachment1
MON 8/2005 2/2006 4/2006 认证处(2006)通函第015号总第116号 MON 8/2005 2/2006 4/2006 2015-08-18 attachment1
MON Rev 7/2006 认证处(2007)通函第001 号总第119 号 A. Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Testing Procedure B. SSAS Endorsement of ISSC 2015-08-18 attachment1
MN ISP-003 Rev. 06/12 MN ISP-003 Rev. 06/12 LONG RANGE IDENTIFICATION AND TRACKING OF SHIPS (LRIT) 2015-08-17 attachment1
SA 04-2011 SA 04-2011 U.S. Coast Guard Revises Security Advisory Regarding Ports Not Maintaining Effective Anti-Terrorism Measures 2015-08-17 attachment1
MN ISP-001 Rev 6/12 (2013) Circ.No. 79 Total No. 365 International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) — LIBERIA MARITIME AUTHORITY MARINE NOTICE ISP-001Rev.06/12 2014-09-30 attachment1
MSA 05-2011 SM2012004 Enhanced Security Level 2- For Vessels Operating in Bight of Benin, Gulf of Benin and Gulf of Guinea—Liberia Maritime Security Advisory -05-2011 2014-08-20 attachment1
MN ISP-002, Rev 6/12 (2013) Circ.No.16 Total No.302 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)—LIBERIA MARITIME AUTHORITY MARINE NOTICE ISP-002 Rev.06/12 2014-04-21 attachment1
1 13 in total