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Rules for Materials and Welding 2023 Amendments

release time:2023-05-30 08:05

The 2023 Amendments to the Rules for Materials and Welding will take effect on 1 July 2023.

Main contents of revisions are as follows:


1. Revising the sensitization requirements of austenitic stainless steel;

2. Incorporating UR W7 to make changes to steel forgings: (1) updating the recognized standards and IACS standards to the latest version; (2) revising positions of test specimens of forgings with different thickness; (3) clarifying the requirements for test specimen locations for hollow ring forgings; (4) updating the mechanical performance requirements for forgings and some acceptance standards; (5) updating the requirements for general examination and non-destructive testing of forgings.

3. Incorporating UR W8 to make changes to steel castings: updating the recognized standards, and revising the specimen size and sampling method. Alloy castings, carbon steel, and carbon manganese steel grades are newly added, among which castings intended for welding and castings not intended for welding are distinguished. Charpy V-notch impact test requirements for mechanical properties are newly added. Welding, repair and NDT requirements are revised.



1. The process of application of structural glue is newly added.


PART Three

1. Specifying the types and grouping of wire and shielding gases.

2. Improving requirements for welder qualification test for pipe-to-plate fillet welding and coverage of welding positions.

3. Application of ultrasonic tests at non-destructive testing points.

4. Improving requirements for joint types for propeller welding repair procedure assessment and test requirements.


Note: In the amendments, blue underline is to highlight new insertions, strikethrough line is to highlight deleted contents.

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