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Letter of CCS Satisfaction Survey for Interested Parties

release time:2022-11-08 10:11

Letter of CCS Satisfaction Survey for Interested Parties



Dear Sir/Madam:

Many thanks for your long-term support and great kindness to this Society, choosing and trusting CCS to provide classification and statutory services for your company or affiliated companies. According to the relevant articles in 4.2 and 5.1.2c) of ISO9000:2015, CCS has entrusted Ipsos (China) Consulting Co., Ltd. (Ipsos) to conduct a satisfaction survey of interested parties from November to December 2022, and seek your fair, objective and true comments, in order to deeply understand your satisfaction, expectations and needs with the products1 and services2 provided by us, continuously improve product quality, service level, and provide safer, greener, and more reliable products reflecting contemporary technology and better services in the future.

This survey is conducted by online questionnaire, which will be uniformly submitted to your company or personal email box by The survey process is independently controlled by Ipsos and please rest assured that your personal data will be kept strictly confidential and all comments will remain anonymous.

The questionnaire may need to be filled in by other personnel of your company. You may transfer it to relevant departments of your company for appropriate personnel to answer and submit after the questionnaire being fully completed.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of this survey, you are welcome to contact us through the following ways:

Safety and Quality Department of CCS: Tel: 010-58112184


Fax: 010-58112840

Ipsos:                     Tel: 010-52193369


Fax: 010-52198888

                          Monday to Friday: 9:00-17:00


Thanks for your time and your input is vital to us.



China Classification Society

November 7th, 2022



1.Product:     CCS rules and relevant guidelines;

       ② Service information provided by CCS (for example, log in CCS official website to query the various information on survey/audit / inspection for ships/offshore facilities with the flag of your State or belonged to your company);

       ③ Engineering calculation software provided by CCS for classification and statutory services;  

       ④ CCS Publications, such as register of ships, register of products, etc.

2.Service: the classification survey provided according to CCS rules and guidelines, the statutory survey and audit provided according to IMO Conventions and codes recognized by the flag States, and the inspection provided according to MLC issued by ILO.

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