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CCS Attends SMM-Focusing On Green and Low-Carbon Technology Achievements

release time:2022-09-08 14:09
Hamburg Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology trade fair (SMM) 2022 was grandly opened on the 6th of Sep. SMM.

Hamburg Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology trade fair (SMM) 2022 was grandly opened on the 6th of Sep. SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair is back after a four-year break from live exhibitions. The scale of this fair is 90% of those prior pandemic time.


China Classification Society Hamburg Branch participated in the exhibition on behalf of CCS. CCS has attracted many professional visitors’ attentions by introducing the latest developments which focusing on green and low-carbon technological achievement, comprehensive ability to serve and the new research results gained in the areas of digital intelligence. Topics include: researches in Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia , LNG, Ethane and other new energy ships; Risk Assessment of Cyber Security; Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) of Bunkering from Pontoon to LNG Fueled Ship/ Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)on LNG Terminals Bunkering stations and Connecting Pipes; Intelligent Ship Technology, etc.


On the opening day, maritime industry professionals from all parts of the world enjoyed again the opportunity for live encounters on the CCS exhibition ground. This includes those already have long-term cooperation with CCS (Panama Maritime Authority, Siemens AG, W?rtsil?, Shanghai WAIGAOQIAO Shipbuilding German Branch, Headway Technology Group, COSCO Hamburg, etc) as well as newcomers from maritime business sector.  Apart from enjoying the greetings, CCS professionals also gave details responses to requests of marine approvals from manufactures and service providers.







At the Maritime Future Summit Forum which was held on 5th of Sep, Mr. MAJILIN, Manager of Intelligent Technology and Safety Laboratory from CCS, gave a speech online about “Accelerated digital transformation from CCS perspective”. By comparing the digitalization progress with other transportation industries, he provided a deep analysis in the current state of digitalization in Asia marine industry. At the forum, he also shared his view on challenges and recommended solutions on digitalization transition and answered questions raised by publics.