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Greenhouse Gas Emission and Energy Efficiency Assessment for Ships

release time:2022-03-03 15:03

CCS provides to the industry services related to energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction. 

1. Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Ships (EEXI) and Operation Carbon Intensity Index (CII) evaluation services

In 2021, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) put forward EEXI and CII requirements for existing ships, requiring ship owners and management companies to evaluate their ships’ compliance with the requirements of the regulations. For ships whose operations are affected by power reduction measures and/or cannot meet EEXI requirements, owners and management companies need to pursue alternative energy efficiency technologies that may cost money and time. Ships which fail to meet EEXI requirements and obtain IEEC certificate within the specified time will have to withdraw from the international shipping market; for ships in operation, carbon intensity CII is required to be reduced by 5% by 2023, the first inspection year. This requires ship owners and management companies to tap the potential of energy efficiency and improve operation efficiency.

To assist ship owners and management companies with energy efficiency assessment of the fleet, which has become paramount, CCS provides the following services:

1) EEXI/CII evaluation service for ships, mainly including:

(1) EEXI calculation, evaluation and pre-verification;

(2) CII calculation, rating and pre-verification;

(3) Evaluation and pre-verification of technical measures to improve EEXI and CII for ships.

(4) Preparation of EEXI technical files.

CCS has developed online EEXI and CII evaluation system. For details, please visit

2) EEXI/CII compliance and technical service for fleet, including:

(1) EEXI/CII technical service for ships;

(2) EEXI/CII evaluation program related service for ships;

(3) Analysis of EEXI/CII impact on single ship and fleet;

(4) Analysis and verification of measures to improve EEXI/CII for ships.


2. Rightship GHG rating service

The Rightship energy efficiency rating has been increasingly used by charterers, ship owners and financial institutions and has also been used by many ports as incentives. CCS provides a package of technical services to ship owners:

1) EVDI computing for existing ships

2) Minimum propulsion power assessment

3) RightShip GHG rating evaluation

4) EPL management plan 

5) EPL witness survey

6) Analysis and verification of rating improvement measures


3. Technical services related to EU GHG emission reduction from shipping

In July 2021, the European Commission issued a package of legislative and policy proposals (" Fit for 55 ") , of which, three are closely related to shipping: EU ETS proposes to include carbon emission from shipping into EU ETS; CBAM aims to address the risk of carbon leakage and Fuel EU Maritime limits the carbon intensity of marine fuel. CCS provides technical services to help ship owners and companies to evaluate their impact on ships and develop response measures in advance:

1) To verify ship’s emission monitoring plan and evaluate emission data according to EU-ETS requirements

2) To evaluate the through-life emission intensity of ship fuel, and calculate “compliance balance” and fines according to FuelEU Maritime requirements

3) to calculate and verify carbon footprint of ships covered by CBAM.


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