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Digital System Certification for Ships and Offshore Installations

release time:2022-02-28 16:02

CCS provides digital system certification for ships and offshore installations.

To adapt to the development trend of intelligence, digitalization and information of ships, CCS, supported by the research achievements made in recent years in the field of digitalization and intelligence, issued the framework guidelines for the digital space of ships and offshore installations, aiming to improve data standardization of the industry, regulate data activities, support the application and development of digital system and provide guarantee for the digital transformation of the shipping industry.

Digital system certification for ships and offshore installations refers to the inspection and verification of digital systems and data activities. It is carried out to systems that use data to digitally present specific physical entities in order to reflect specific life cycle process of such entities. Digital system certification, which includes data identification, data collection, data integration, model and application, etc. conducts tests and verifications from such perspectives as compliance with technical standards, functional integrity, model verifiability, reliability of hardware and software facilities, cyber security and data security.

Services provided by CCS are mainly as follows:

1.   Principle approval of digital system for ships and offshore installations

From the aspects of digital system development and delivery process conformity, intended functional integrity of digital systems, digital system risk assessment and reliability, data quality and cyber security, principle approval testifies the technical feasibility of the digital system under acceptable confidence and cost level, and its safety to personnel and environment.

Principle approval of digital systems for ships and offshore installations will be conducted via certification of technical scheme audit, targeted function approval, simulation test analysis, prototype verification test, rule conformity review, risk assessment and expert review.

2.   Digital system process conformity certification for ships and offshore installations

With general requirements for digital systems as the priority, process conformity certification verifies the capability of the applicants in developing, planning, monitoring and maintaining the digital system. Digital system process conformity certification includes 3 main assessments, i.e. development process assessment, delivery process assessment and reliability assessment.

3.  Digital system application capability certification for ships and offshore installations

By means of various verification methods such as risk assessment, engineering assessment and direct assessment, and from the perspectives of technical standard conformity, functional integrity, model verifiability, system reliability, cyber security and data security, data application certification verifies the system’s conformity with intended function and confirms that the digital system is in conformity with rule and adequately secure.

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