IHM SOC Service for new ships

At the request of shipyards or ship owners, based on the IHM which is compliance with the Hong Kong Convention and IHM Guidelines, Statement of Compliance on the IHM ("IHM SOC") will be issued for new ships after successful completion of survey. IHM SOC may be issued with a certificate on that basis upon entry into force of the Convention subject to any additional requirements by the Administration. At the design and construction stage, IHM should be developed using the given three steps: collection of Hazardous Materials information, utilization of Hazardous Materials information, and preparation of IHM by filling out standard format.

Furthermore, at the request of shipyards or ship owners, the class notation of GPR ("Green Passport for Recycling") described in Section 5, Surveys Related to Class Notations for Environmental Protection, Chapter 6, Part One of CCS Rules for Classification of Sea-Going Steel Ships ("CCS Rules"), will be assigned to new ships if all requirements stipulated in CCS Guidance on development and verification of IHM are met at all stages including construction contract, design, construction, etc., and development of IHM is in line with related requirements. Considering sampling-check and testing is added in CCS Guidance, ships with GPR class notation will have high market acceptance and recognition.

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