Planned Maintenance Scheme, PMS for short, is a detailed periodic maintenance program for machinery (including electrical equipment), formulated by the ship owner, according to the relevant requirements of classification rules and the device manufacturer's instructions. Ship machinery remains in good technical condition as a result to the program’s implementation and enforcement on board. This periodic maintenance program management for ship machinery, called planned maintenance Scheme. PMS is a kind of survey which may be regarded as an alternative to the special machinery survey or the continuous machinery survey (CMS) and the survey items are to cover those of related special survey or continuous survey. PMS is applied by the owner, and approved by CCS.

      1. For ships with machinery notation ‘PMS’;

      2. As an alternative pattern for machinery special survey CMS, the test items of PMS should be covered or replaced by a special survey or CMS;

      3. Ships implement PMS, its normative other survey about class maintenance periodic survey items can’t be changed and canceled, such as the annual survey, intermediate survey, boiler survey, tail shaft and propeller shaft survey.

Mainly based on

      1. CCS "Guidelines for survey of planned maintenance scheme (PMS) for machinery" (Rules for classification of sea-going steel ships);

      2. GB "Ship maintenance Scheme" (GB / T 16558);

      3. Electrical equipment manufacturer's instructions.

Initial recognition
As first application for the implementation of PMS survey, ship owner or the management company should submit a written application to CCS headquarters or survey unit, meanwhile submit the following information for approval:
1. Related jobs (responsibility) and PMS workflows of the company, including Organization chart identifying related posts;
2. PMS document preparation process;
3. PMS device identification process (coding system);
4. Computer programs and software for PMS;
5. Each equipment preventive maintenance program for PMS (requirements of equipment maintenance);
6. Lists and specifications of condition monitoring equipment (if any);
7. Baseline data of condition monitoring equipment (if any);
8. Maintenance plan of PMS equipment (It should be indicated in the plan maintenance cycle number of hours for equipment taking timed test);
9. PMS equipment list;
After the above information is qualified, a site audit should implement to company, if qualified, CCS issue "Certificate of compliance for the management of PMS", with valid date not more than five years from completion date, in addition, CCS should arrange for ship initial audit.
After receipt of the application and documentation submitted by the owner, CCS is to examine the documentation in time.
Annual audit
Company should submit the annual report within three months which before or after the anniversary of the annual survey, CCS headquarters arrange audits to confirm that:
1. Running state of planned maintenance on the ship implement PMS belonged to the company is normal and effective;
2. Breakdown/malfunction and cause analysis of mechanical and electrical equipment (if any);
3. PMS manager of the company is familiar with the programs and software;
4. Software version update has been approved (if applicable).
If audit is qualified, certificate should be issued.
The annual report is to include of:
1. List of PMS equipment maintenance completed since the previous annual audit;
2. General condition of all machineries operated since the previous annual audit;
3. Details of machinery breakdown/malfunction and cause analysis;
4. Repair records and renewal of spare parts, the components or equipment which have been replaced are to be kept for inspection by the Surveyor.
Recertification audit
Company should apply before the expiry of three months, CCS headquarters arrange audit, submitted information and audit requirements are same to the Initial recognition.
Once the audit is qualified, CCS headquarters continue issuing "Certificate of compliance for the management of PMS" with a period not exceeding five years.
Additional audit
Additional audit should carry out in one condition of the followings:
1. The structure or management procedures of PMS changes;
2. PMS software modification occurs or revision upgrades.