China Classification Society (China Classification Society, CCS) for shipping booming in recent years, vessel delay retirement led to the increase in the number of old ship's actual situation, has adopted a series of measures, such as the establishing Target Ship Management Policy, strengthen the management of the aging ships, realize the interaction mechanism between the class survey and the SMS audit, etc. With the aid of IT technology, the development services in ship safety management of new products, is the escort ship navigation safety. After years of efforts, the CCS classed ships in major PSC organizations maintain a good inspection records.

"Safer, Cleaner, More Economy" is the goal of the global maritime industry, Port State Control as one of the major means to assure the safety, environmental protection, port state control to improve international shipping vessels, promote the shipping safety, protect the interests of the port states, promote the unity of international standards, enhance regional cooperation is of great significance. CCS is willing to play its own professional advantages, vigorously develop maritime technology, offer more high-quality technical services to the industry, for the safety of the ship.