Ship’s plan approval is one of the major tasks to ensure that the ship design satisfies the requirements of the rules, conventions, regulations and the flag states. Plan approval is an important link in the ship survey chain, constituting the fountainhead of ship safety and the significant basis of field survey.

After dozens of years of plan approval work, CCS regional plan approval centers have accumulated abundant experience and trained a good number of experts in the fields of ship structure analysis, stability, machinery, shafting vibration, electric, etc., and continuously improved the technical means of plan approval. In recent years, CCS carried out extensive study of key technology of plan approval and pre-contract service, having completed approval of HCSR ship type update of different types of ships. CCS plan approval centers have been maintaining a good cooperative relationship with shipping companies, shipyards and ship designers, and we will continue to serve our customers wholeheartedly in the future.

CCS provides excellent plan approval level and service, focuses on mutual coordination and close cooperation with field survey of newbuildings. Meanwhile, CCS promotes in an all round way electronic plan approval, to strengthen technical guidance and software maintenance and update, ensuring the accuracy and high quality of plan approval work.

ePAS makes plan approval convenient for customers due to fast plan uploading, downloading function, extensive search engine, independent and transparent client management function, detailed approval process that can be traced as well safe and effective security password function.

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