Classification is an important method for assessment of ship’s technical conditions, by means of whether the ship is classed and what grade the class is directly influencing the ship’s freight and insurance (i.e. the trust level the cargo owner and insurance company have in the ship), and also affecting the ship’s purchase price or rent at the time of dealing or chartering. Comparing with non-classed ships, a classed ship has considerable advantages in ship transactions, shipping cargo collections and insurance rates.

In case of application for CCS classification services, only an application for classification needs be submitted to a local contact point at home or abroad, followed by a specified procedure of the Society to handle it. With respect to this, CCS provides a standard format for the application in order to facilitate applicants, which can be available free of charge from any contact point. As uploaded to CCS Directory, CCS contact points may be accessed online at the official website.  

CCS classification services for ship in service consist of initial classification survey, class maintenance survey (incl. delegation and deputation surveys), PSC inspection, import and export transaction for old ship of China, class assignment, suspension, reinstatement and withdrawal for classed ships, METE, emergency response service, etc.

Where applies for classification services for a ship in service, the owner or operator can submit the application at any time convenient to a CCS local contact point at home or abroad. As the services include a technical review on the ship’s original design information and a full-scale survey for its current technical conditions, there are always specialized arrangements for the initial classification survey. For ships being classed by any other IACS member society, CCS will handle the transfer of class in a more convenient way according to IACS uniform procedures.