China Classification Society Industrial Corp. (CCSI), invested by China Classification Society, established in 1993 and registered in Beijing, is a professional company legally identified as an independent juridical body specializing in land-based industry services. The systematic integration in 2002 led to the unified leadership of all the companies of invested by both the Headquarters and branches. In January 2006, CCSI re-optimized its organizational structure and became a Group Company of CCS industry services.

As an independent agency of supervision, professional inspection and testing, notarial inspection, technical appraisement and technical consultation, CCSI makes the best use of its advantages in professional technology and proprietary know-how to provide services as supervision, testing, inspection, assessment & evaluation, inspection & repairing and consultations to customers independently when so authorized and safeguard their interests to the best, holding on to the tenet of Independency, Impartiality, High Quality and High Efficiency. With considerable achievements and qualified services, we have won very good reputation and consent as well as abundant service experiences.

At present, CCSI owns more than 300 professional technicians, among whom 65% were attested officially with professional qualifications for middling or senior technical jobs in traffic, bridge, NDT, basic constructions of cities, ships, ocean engineering etc, and over 20 are professors, senior engineers or doctor directors.

All sub-companies, branches and JVs of CCSI spread at all the large and medium cities either coastal or along inner rivers, and have formed an intact service network with the core in Beijing and radiating all over P.R.C.