The performance of ship energy efficiency has drawn an increasingly wider attention of the international community.The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has released the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), developed the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and the Energy Efficiency Operational Index (EEOI), and urged the member states to promote voluntary application of related guidelines. The MEPC has added SEEMP into MARPOL Annex VI for mandatory implementation.

The energy efficiency management certification is a new service launched to meet the demand of the governmental administrations, international organizations and industry associations. It includes company energy efficiency management certification which combines company and ship audits, ship energy efficiency management certification for which ship audit can be applied individually, and ship energy efficiency verification for which ship verification can be applied individually.

Rules for Certification of Ship Energy Efficiency Management establishes our basic requirements for the company’s energy efficiency management system and for certification of the company/ship energy efficiency management, aiming to guide and assist shipping companies to establish and improve an energy efficiency management system with the industry characteristics, ensure that ship energy efficiency can be measured, monitored and verified for continuous improvement, and promote their early compliance with the compulsory requirements and guiding recommendations for “low carbon emission and environmental protection” proposed by national administrations, international organizations and industry associations.

Up to now, we have developed three EEOI versions respectively for CCS, companies and ships, all of which are capable of dynamic graphic demonstration. The EEOI system for companies can be used to make relevant analysis and statistics in order to improve energy efficiency, while the EEOI system for ships is basic data collection software for timely gathering first-hand operational data on ship energy efficiency, and thus calculating energy efficiency for corresponding leg or voyage. CCS could issue certificates based on related calculation results.

Software for Energy Efficiency Operational Index (EEOI) has the following functions:

◎ Information release

◎ Enquiry of policy and regulatory requirements

◎ Fleet management of shipping companies

◎ Trend analysis of energy efficiency

◎ Comparison analysis of energy efficiency

◎ Correlation analysis of energy efficiency

◎ Corresponding statistics & reports

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