Type approval: type approval can be divided into Mode A and Mode B.

Mode B of type approval refers to the approval granted by CCS for the Standardized Design and fitness for purpose of the product when CCS confirms that the products, the production and test equipment of the manufacturer, and the system of basic quality control comply with the regulations of CCS rules after the review of the product drawings and technical documents, verification of related technology, approval tests and field audit. For example, after CCS approval of diesel engines and pumps, type approval mode B certificate will be issued. Please find attached the flow chart of mode B type approval for information.

Mode A of type approval is the high-level approval to be granted to the manufacturer with high-quality, based on the Mode B of type approval. Mode A of type approval =Mode B of type approval + perfect Q.A. system of the manufacturer + reliable quality of the products. For the manufacturer which has obtained the Mode A of type approval, CCS accepts that the field inspection of the surveyor can be replaced partly or totally by the quality statements supplied by quality inspector (designated) of the manufacture. Type approval mode A certificate will be issued after CCS approval. Please find attached the flow chart of mode A of type approval for information.




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