Prior to manufacture of marine product intended for a ship or offshore installation classed with CCS, application of product plan approval together with the drawings and documents have to be submitted to this society for approval.

Product plan approval means that the drawings and documents have been examined and found in compliance with related requirements from CCS rules, international conventions, flag state as well as design specification of the ship or offshore installation.

China Classification Society (CCS) Plan Approval Center, located in Nanjing Jiangsu China, is in charge of product plan approval for all important and/or innovative products from clients all over the world. Product survey departments in CCS branches and oversea centers are qualified for the product plan approval for some particular products in their business districts.

Clients intending to apply for product plan approval from us can use CCS Electronic Plan Approval System for Product ( to submit application, upload drawings and documents, and download them after approval. At least 3 sets of drawings and documents are needed if submitted by post.

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