The European Union Recognised Organisation (EU RO) Mutual Recognition Type Approval Certificate (MR TAC) is issued in pursuance of Article 10 of the Regulation (EC) No 391/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 23 April 2009 on Common Rules and Standards for Ship Inspection and Survey Organisations.

CCS offers the possibility of obtaining an EU RO MR TAC that is mutually recognised by all other classification societies working under EU Regulation 391/2009.

For guidance on the Mutual Recognition scheme, please refer to the EU RO Framework Document for the Mutual Recognition of Type Approval, and CCS individual Type Approval Certification.

The Framework Document is accessible via the EU RO Mutual Recognition Group's Website

The EU RO MR Type Approval Process consists of three main processes:
1. The EU RO MR Design Evaluation
2. The EU RO MR Production Quality Assurance (PQA)
3. The EU RO MR Maintenance Process

MR TAC is available to all manufacturers irrespective of where they are located and can be provided by CCS according to the above-mentioned information.